Garden of Eden Urban Farming
Promoting better diet, nutrition and economies for families and communities.


  • We work with local affiliates to create training programs for technicians, managers and entrepreneurs with hands-on and classroom experience in soil-free gardening.
  • We expose growers and students to a wide range of crops, equipment and media.
  • We explore how to make crop choices based on market research.
  • We encourage and support multiple methods of hydroponic cultivation; we do not focus on specific methodologies or advocate for particular products.
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Project Development

  • We develop urban vertical gardening projects in cooperation with non-profits, churches, schools and small businesses.
  • We develop new economic engines in disadvantaged communities.
  • We provide guidance regarding capital formation, equipment, logistics, training, production, distribution and management skills. Each local producer provides space, personnel and local transportation and networking.
  • We strive to build awareness and acceptance of healthy diets and local production.

Why? We are motivated by social issues stemming from the urban food desert, consisting of communities that are poorly served by the usual food distribution and marketing system with its vicious circle of poor nutrition and economic decline. Learn More

Staff & Member Updates

GOE Administrator 15-Sep-2023
Solar Punk in Burien let us meet many new friends from South Puget Sound. We hope to generate new cooperative projects with several.
Rees Clark 15-Sep-2023
New programs for homeless offer training and reengagement opportunities through urban farming. Ask us how using our contact form.!
Michael E. Twiggs 06-Jul-2022
Opinions on the use and benefits abound on the Internet, but the science to backup what is stated is much harder to find. Until now...